I’ll name the next one Dog.

So far I've had five bunnies as pets in my life. Similar to my reference patterns for dogs (all dogs are puppies regardless of age in human or dog years) - all rabbits are called bunnies, even if they've developed far beyond youth, and even if they aren't cute anymore, or never were. The only… Continue reading I’ll name the next one Dog.

TV – Are you my mother?

I love television, not the actual piece of equipment but the shows that are broadcast on it. It would be more interesting if I just loved televisions - the shape, the size, the variety, the brands, the colors, the static screens, but I don't. I'm not that kind of strange, yet. I hope that televisionphiles… Continue reading TV – Are you my mother?

Sleep – an ongoing game of chicken with the universe

I never want to go to sleep. Inversely I also never want to wake up in the morning (okay, let's be honest, early afternoon). I could sleep all day, not straight through, I'm not a bear, which I guess don't truly hibernate, so maybe I am! I would take a few pee breaks and wake… Continue reading Sleep – an ongoing game of chicken with the universe