Blech Friday

I feel gross. I felt gross all day. I didn’t want to get out of bed (not that I ever do). I didn’t want to look at myself in the mirror. I didn’t know what to wear because nothing felt right and all day I wished I had worn something else and stayed in bed. How else are you supposed to feel after spending an entire day eating a plate full of mashes and mushes that remove the need for chewing, and drinking whatever is available even if it’s Barefoot wine? Thanks, Thanksgiving. Thanks a lot, for the gut rot and the guilt.

I’ve needed to restart working out for awhile now but I can’t motivate myself to do it. It’s so easy to stop working out and even easier to never start back up again. I had a decent routine going before I relocated to the East Coast, then I left I forgot to pack my motivation and workout apparel. I hope the new tenant of my old apartment is enjoying all my gusto, sticktoitiveness, and patterned leggings (they were expensive). You’re welcome.

I’m sure a lot of people consider starting a diet or new exercise plan the day after Thanksgiving when they aren’t feeling the greatest, or shortly thereafter. I’m certainly not the first. It’s probably the second most popular day for setting unattainable goals and resolutions that definitely won’t last. Second only, of course, to New Year’s Day. Stores should really take advantage of this. Only put exercise equipment on sale on Black Friday. Gyms too. Discount memberships Black Friday Only! Call it “Back to Bulk!” or something that would make sense to the people in the work-out world. Maybe gyms already do this. I honestly don’t know. I’m not shopping around for gym memberships on Black Friday or any Friday or any other color of the week.

If you’re thinking ‘But Black Friday is when you get a jump start on your Christmas shopping for OTHER people”, you’re funny. Funny and wrong. No one is out there punching babies and tripping old ladies to buy a 75% off computer for someone else. Gift cards cost the same amount every day. No need to pick a stack of those up for the cousins on Black Friday. People already shop for themselves on Black Friday so at least they could shop for something that might make them try to pretend to be a better (fitter) person for a week or four until Christmas rolls around with a new line-up of foods to over indulge on.

I didn’t do any shopping today just a lot of wallowing, so it’s officially Blech Friday for me. I’m going to keep thinking about starting to exercise again at least until Sigh-brr-Monday (I’m depressed and it’s cold here, lay off me.) But for now I’ll just eat this entire pizza. Thanksgiving isn’t just a holiday, it’s a way of overeating that can truly be celebrated everyday.

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