I picked ‘liquid starter’ because that’s the kind of sourdough starter I keep, feed and raise, but also because of my relationship with liquids. I love liquids: water, coffee, beer, whiskey, juice, fermented juice, etc. I drink every day –  sometimes that means alcohol every day which I lie to my doctor about, sometimes it means coffee which I’m only semi-dependent on, sometimes it just means water, because we all have to drink water to survive, just like Charlie (my starter). I knew a girl in college who hated water and refused to drink it so she drank juices, sodas, Gatorade, other -ades, and other non-alcoholic liquids (the plethora of fruit waters, teas, kombuchas and other non-water beverages accessible now wasn’t as available when I was in college) and she survived just fine although I never really understood how. Doesn’t your body need straight, 100% pure water, not just the water it gleans and extracts from other beverages? Apparently not. I’m not a scientist, it just didn’t seem possible to me to survive without drinking water. I’m going to continue drinking it in its unaltered, unfruited, uncarbonated state just in case my non-scientific assumption proves to be correct.

I stopped drinking soda when I went to college because I drank so much of it as a child. Fast food restaurants provided the dinners for much of my childhood, and combo/value/mega meals almost always come accompanied by soda, so I drank a lot of soda, my parents drank a lot of soda. We were a soda family, and water. I drank juice a lot as well, until Trader Joe’s discontinued my favorite Kiwi-Strawberry juice. There wasn’t coffee or alcohol in my home but there was soda, juice, and iced tea. When I had the opportunity to cut soda out of my diet in college I did. I had heard I was going to gain 15 pounds my first year regardless of what I did. I didn’t need to turn that 15 into 20 with the addition, continuation really, of soda/cola/pop/fizzy drinks.

When I turned 21 I was pretty secure in my soda-less life but it started to creep its way back into my life paired with liquors: 7&7, rum & coke, jack & ginger, probably Long Island Iced Teas since those seem to contain everything, etc., and that remains pretty much the only way I consume sodas today. I don’t think I’m better than anyone else because I don’t have a Coca-Cola classic with dinner. I didn’t cut soda out of my life as a grand expression of health and independence, it just seemed like a good idea. Plus soda is expensive and if I’m going to pay money for a beverage it’s going to wake me up (coffee) or get me drunk (alcohols), otherwise I’ll just have water, thanks.

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